Property prices in N4

While reading the article on today’s Guardian about the increase of repossessed houses in the UK I asked myself what was the situation of the house market in N4. The prices went up quite a lot in the recent years and luckily I bought my flat in 2005 when the market was “quiet” and buy-friendly one.

Googling around (I love this expression) on UpMyStreet I found a graph showing the situation in our area until end of 1Q07:


Impressive, the prices in average from when I bought to now went up of £50K, equal to a jump of 20% in two years; +10% a year.

Checking the Land Registry web site I found a breakdown of the property prices for 2H06:

Data of final update: 02/02/2007
  Detached Semi-Detached Terraced Flat/Maisonette Overall
Region/Area Av Price £ Sales Av Price £ Sales Av Price £ Sales Av Price £ Sales Av Price £ Sales
N4 1 0 0 420500 3 315611 22 171887 19 260699 44
N4 2 0 0 554625 4 511000 5 251711 38 305074 47
N4 3 0 0 0 0 373428 7 238046 31 262984 38
N4 4 0 0 0 0 662550 5 251154 32 306748 37
Found 4 records. Displaying page 1 of 1.

Playing more with UpMyStreet, I started comparing N4 with the other postcode areas (N5, N7, N8, N15, N16 and N19) around us.


Well, from those graphs we can see that N4 grow is in line with the rest of the north area of London.

However to buy a property nowadays it’s very expensive and very difficult for first time buyers. No wonder if some are stretching themselves and some get repossessed their homes.



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  1. Finsbury Park says:

    You’re right, buying property for first time buyers is very difficult financially as well as finding the right property and deciding on the right mortgage!

  2. daN4cat says:

    A blog entry related to the failed (so far) Olympics 2012 related boom in house property.

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