Crime statistics June 2007

Googling around I found the crime statistics (12 months to 2006, 12 months to 2007) of London wards updated to June 2007.

I reduced the big list to something more relevant for us and here the figures:

Crime statistics 06/2007 - 1

Crime statistics 06/2007 - 2

Figures are per 1000 population.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. carlos says:

    frexmexburry is a good street, you can to give knock out on the road again

  2. dee says:

    we are moving to finsbury park in a few weeks….just off tollington road… as we signed papers the other day to stay in the house for 6 months…we walked back to the tube and saw a crime scene was being sealed off by police and blood everywhere on the ground.
    what kind of area are we moving into? can anyone reassure us? we have read many blogs and reviews of the area, and it is now showing us that it is pretty dodgy…
    any advice would be great.

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