One love Hackney


Hackney look to top Peace Week 2007
One Love Hackney: A week of civic pride 9 – 15 September 2007

Join the main event on Sunday, 9 September at Clissold Park N16 and be part of one of Hackney’s biggest summer festivals. With diverse talent from across the borough, from hip-hop and RnB, West African dance, Turkish saz and Ethiopian drumming – this is your opportunity to see the true talent of Hackney’s young people and local communities live and direct.

This event is part of London’s week of peace celebrations between 9 and 15 September 2007. The theme for this year’s Hackney’s week long festival is civic pride, to encourage people to value their community, surroundings and make Hackney a better place to live. Those attending will also have the opportunity to experience the many faiths and cultures that comprise Hackney’s diversity.

We want to top our success last year, which saw Hackney host the largest peace week celebration in the capital. Ten thousand people attended the main event last year which was run in partnership with Choice FM and a variety of local talent took to the stage in Shoreditch Park on 16 September 2006.


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  1. L.B says:

    Sunday was a successful day in terms of getting the message of social peace and civic pride because there was such a great buzz and feeling of happiness amongst those in attendance.

    My positive song ‘Where are we going?’ (a song supported by Choice FMs ‘Peace on the Streets campaign) played for all to hear and I was very happy with the response it received.

    Don’t miss out! To hear the song, log onto



  2. finsburypark says:

    Thank you for the comment.
    It sounds like the event was a success and we are looking forward to hearing more about it.

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