Second chance to comment on Parkland Walk plans


[from Haringey council web site and reported on SGRA]

Second chance to comment on Parkland Walk plans

Tuesday 7 August 2007

Residents are being given a second chance by Haringey Council to comment on proposals to improve the southern section of Parkland Walk.

The consultation over the improvement plans – aimed at making Parkland Walk more accessible between Finsbury Park and Highgate – has been extended until Monday 10 September.

The plans have been modified following the first stage of consultation and a special open day attended by more than 150 residents.

Among the amended proposals being put forward by the council is the use of crushed concrete as the base layer for replacement pathway – expected to be less than 40 per cent of the existing path. This would be covered by a surface of crushed aggregate.

The amended proposals are aimed at improving drainage along the walk – the longest nature reserve in London – and ensuring that the path continues to be used by a mix of pedestrians and cyclists.

Other modifications include specific features to reduce cycle speeds at several points along the path, and introducing a reduced amount of ‘furniture’ – such as benches – along the walk.

Cabinet Member for Environment and Conservation, Cllr Brian Haley, said:

“This process has always been about giving residents what they want. We have listened to the comments made in the first stage of consultation and at the open day, and as a result we have made some changes to the proposals.

“Primarily, the changes are designed to make clear our priorities for Parkland Walk. First and foremost, it is a nature reserve and any improvement work needs to be sympathetic to this.

“Secondly, it’s for pedestrians. We want to enable more people to use the walk by introducing new access ramps for pushchairs and wheelchairs and by smoothing the surface of the pathway.

“Finally, it’s for the use of cyclists. We think it’s important to improve facilities for cyclists, while ensuring this does not impact on pedestrians’ enjoyment of the walk.

“We’re never going to reach an absolute consensus on these proposals, but I do hope more people will give us their views so that we ensure we provide a scheme that the majority of residents support.”

The revised improvement proposals and an online questionnaire are on the council’s website at



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  1. finsburypark says:

    But there are other plans too for Parkland Walk, like reviving it to be a train line to Finsbury Park.

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