Finsbury Park Skatepark

If you are in skating, probably you want to hear something about Finsbury Park Skatepark.

Here a collection of links and extracts:

[from sk8m8]

The park consists of one rectangular bowl with steel coping that is approximately 4-5ft rising to 7.5-8 ft, and another bowl/section which has a transitioned end with coping, a grind block with pumpable banks in the middle( the grind block is a bit superfluous IMO) and a flat banked end which can easily be carved. There are 2 sets of stairs and ramps that come down from the high end of the main bowl.

The surface is extremely smooth and the park although small has been well built. Worth a visit for some casual fun for all abilities of skater.

Quite popular now with BMX riders but mellow mid week vibe! Good venue for learning to ride bowls as these only have partial copings.

[from Cross Fire]

I asked every person skating what they thought of this park out of 10 and the average figure that came back from 10 skaters was 5.5. The fact that London STILL does not have a World Class Plaza/Skatepark still bemuses us all and this tiny park and the new surface that ruined Stockwell are the latest additions to taking us further away from skating really decent parks. The better the parks, the better the skaters.

More on UKSA, SideWalk and OldSkaters.


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