Walking Round London: to and from Finsbury Park

If you are in a walking round London mood, Books Do Furnish A Room blog has two nice entries with pictures (4 & 5) describing walks to and from Finsbury Park. The walks are along Capital Ring route.

Some extracts from the blog.

Walking round London 4

Last weekend, I went off in glorious sunshine to do the fourth leg of the Capital Ring, from Hendon Central to Finsbury Park – this is not exactly what the book recommends, but it was convenient for me for transport. It was a very warm seven miles, and contained some of the most marvelous sections I have encountered so far, and also the worst – though that was mercifully short. I started off in Hendon Park, and then worked my way along the North Circular for about 150 yards – probably the low point of the entire circuit! But then along the River Brent, past disused duck decoy pools, and then through the elegant spaciousness of Hampstead Garden Suburb.

Walking Round London 5

A half-day’s leave last week, and a nine mile walk in the sunshine from Finsbury Park to West Ham – leaving North London, and entering Docklands, with the smell of the Thames ever nearer. I started at Manor House, and after a short walk through the park, joined the New River, which I followed on a great loop for over a mile, ending up passing the two reservoirs which the river (really a carefully engineered canal) has supplied since 1613, and finishing by The Castle. The Castle is an extraordinarily fanciful building, now a climbing centre, but originally a water company pump house.

More information about Walking London.


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