Carnival fun fairs in Finsbury Park over the bank holiday (2007)

The usual Finsbury Park event run by Carnival Fun Fairs is in over the bank holiday (25th – 28th of August 2007).

Please take your rubbish with you or use the appropriate bins. Try to do not litter, there is always a mess in the surrounding area due to people unable to retain rubbish in their hands before getting to the closest bin. Thank you.


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  1. poo says:

    how much does it cost ?

  2. Gordon Jackson says:

    Would be nice if the fun fair WASN’T in Finsbury Park what seems like every few weeks in late Spring/Summer. It’s noisey, skanky and disrupts any relaxing atmosphere in the park unless you walk over the the very far side near the baseball diamond.

    The noise is audible all the way to Stroud Green.

    Allowing this kind of tat on a regular basis, while not supporting more decent live music events (eg RISE) just means Seven Sisters Road stays in the same scabby state it’s always in.

    Really is a blot on this otherwise well-maintained and accessible space.

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