London Metz and London Blitz in final games

Finsbury Park based baseball team London Metz and american football team London Blitz are in final games.

[from This is all local London]

London Mets down to ‘Final Four’

A baseball team based in Finsbury Park have the chance to become National Champions this weekend.

The London Mets’ men’s baseball team will play in the “Final Four” of the National Championships at Roundshaw Playing Fields, Croydon, as runners up of the National League South.

They play their first game at 10am on Saturday (1st September), and, pending a win, will play their second game at 4pm.


It is the first time that the team, who count Channel 5 baseball pundit Josh Chetwynd as one of their star pitchers, have taken part in the National League, though the club have been running several other youth and mens teams at Finsbury park since 1994.

[from London Blitz web site]

2007 Premier Division Play-offs

With the fourth quarter victory on Saturday by the London Blitz over cross town rivals the London Olympians the Blitz secured the BAFL Premier title for 2007 and now hold the top ranking in the BritBowl XXI playoffs.

The victory also meant that all four playoff spots have now been secured and has set up intriguing semi final match ups. When the Bristol Aztecs host the Coventry Cassidy Jets on the 26th of August they will be undertaking a dress rehearsal for their semi final clash on September 9th.

Playoff Rankings
1. London Blitz
2. Coventry Cassidy Jets
3. Bristol Aztecs
4. London Olympians

Semi Final Games (Sunday 9th September)
London Olympians at London Blitz (at Finsbury Park stadium)
Bristol Aztecs at Coventry Cassidy Jets


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