Call to stamp out illegal dog fighting

[from Islington Gazette]

Call to stamp out illegal dog fighting
22 August 2007

PET owners in Islington say illegal dog fighting is “rife” next door to a famous animal hospital – and are calling on the authorities to clamp down on the owners.

Ownership of Staffordshire bull terriers and other bull terrier-type dogs is on the increase. But many of the dogs are not being bought as pets – they are being used in illegal and cruel dog-fights.

Dog fighting is also related to a spate of thefts of pets in Islington and other parts of north London – including cats and rabbits as well as other dogs, which are used as “bait” in the vicious fights.

Chris Hawker, of Queen’s Drive, Finsbury Park, said: “There’s dog fighting going on right at the back of the RSPCA’s Harmsworth Hospital! It’s rife there. That’s why there are so many animals coming into the Harmsworth with injuries. They should be taking these animals away from their owners. They have the power to do that now.”

An RSPCA spokeswoman said: “Recent high profile investigations with the police and the seizure of such dogs have shown that there has been an increase in the ownership of dogs which are not legally kept.”

An Islington police spokeswoman said: “We are aware that dog fighting is a problem in certain parts of the borough including the Andover Estate and it is one of the main priorities for the Finsbury Park Safer Neighbourhood Team. Islington Police with the RSPCA will prosecute anyone taking part in organised dog fighting.


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  1. finsburypark says:

    An article appeared today on BBC web site covering the dog fighting topic: The gruesome nature of dog fighting

  2. Vic says:

    I can look after a dog if it can be recued from this terrible fate

  3. Maria says:

    Cannot beleive this is still happening? What can we do??!!
    People should be mede to have licences for their animals!! A lot of dog owners are simply not responsible enough to own a pet!!

  4. ds says:

    There are young men who live on Andover Estate who keep pit bulls and egg each other on as to who has the strongest and most aggressive dog etc. Unfortunately, the estate has become (and has been since about 2000) like a waste bin where Islington Housing Department throw all the waifs strays and other assorted characters without any thought as to the impact they have on
    the estate and surrounding area.

    Since about 2000 the estate has been rife with skunk weed and crack cocaine. More shockingly, many of the buyers (of crack cocaine) aren’t just your regular usual looking Class A drug users… no, these new users tend to be young-ish women often with youngsters of their own. (I’m usually alerted by spotting the delivery man/boy and after a spot of innocuous questioning I find out about yet another group of women who ‘all like a toot…’.)

    I’ve also known of a few ‘skunk farms’ over the years on the estate. Currently (and for the last year and a half) there’s been a group of young men who congregate every night (about 5 nights out of 7) by the children’s playground where they smoke drugs all night and sell them too. Many couriers arrive by bike and some customers arrive by car. I’ve observed them for over a year as have all the neighbours who can see the activity from their windows (I’ve got
    to know of most of them, unfortunately).

    Islington ASB along with the ‘security-concierge’ based Noll House and the local police all know this takes place on a nightly basis and often the Met will send one or two plain clothes officers to wander through and past them to observe and gather intelligence but they have done very little if anything to help the ordinary people on the estate who do not want or deserve this anti-social drug dealing right in front of their homes and families.

    Islington Housing department at Upper Street have been fully aware of this behaviour for the last few years but they just keep the matter going between their various offices via memo’s, meetings, briefings, papers, reports and next-to-useless initiatives which all fail to actually address the problem …yet, if you talk to any of them (which I have) they all profess (and probably believe) they are doing ‘everything possible’ – which they are clearly not.

    ‘Dog Fighting on the estate’? …it’s hardly surprising given the low life tenants that Islington has thrown onto the estate over the past 15 years – and they’re still doing it. Rather than see the place as a dustbin for putting all the boroughs unemployed, poor, disabled, long term sick, immigrants and associated social misfits, the Estate should be seen as being a valuable asset (the weekly rent taken in by Islington is enormous). The Housing Office(ers) are primarily responsible for putting on the estate people who eventually go on to cause most of the trouble – as has always happened. it’s not as if it’s a new problem
    …is it?

    Dear oh dear … what a mess is Andover Estate.

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