Voulez vous dancer in Blackstock Road?

I can’s miss to blog this silly situation that happened to a guy in Blackstock road:

06 Sep 2007

Finsbury Park

I was walking down the famous Blackstock Road after bible study last night, quietly in my own little world. As I was walking past a bunch of guys (there’s always bunches of guys – never just one on their own) one broke from the pack and started towards me.

This was kind of frightening, given it was 10pm, dark, and people had been stabbed and died at the very spot I was walking!

But, lucky for me, he just wanted to dance. Cigarette in one hand, he grabbed my hand and did a twirl.

In my mind I was thinking – is he trying to mug me??? This is weird.

So I kind of kept walking………while he kept trying to spin while walking.

After numerous failed attempts, and walking about 20 metres, I just said, “Mate, I gotta go – see ya!”

That they stabbed somebody in the past in Blackstock road, that’s true. That somebody then died, that’s not totally true.


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