Parkland Walk – Consultation period extended to 28/9

[from SGRA mailing list]

As you may have seen on the Walk, the Council has agreed with us that lipping out ideas as the schools broke up and closing consultations as everyone comes back was not the best consultation practice. They have therefore agreed to extend the consultation period until 28th September.

We have received complaints that the consultation was heavily e mail and web orientated and that material was not well displayed in Libraries etc.

We have now received assurances that the material is available in libraries and paper observations, for those that prefer it, are acceptable.

As this is electronic, I am presuming that you are happier to use electronic methods and can look at the web location for the consultation and response which is:

http://www.haringey lands.htm

Or directly to the consultation page which is:

http://www.haringey environment_ and_transport/ leisure_nature_ and_conservation/ nature_and_ conservation_ conservation/ pwconsultation. htm

Those in the N6 area may be interested to comment on the application to redevelop Roden Court on Hornsey Lane as it is a big site next to the Walk which currently seems to be the source of water making part of the Walk boggy behind Avenue Road. Use the web site at www.haringey., navigate via ŒHousing and Planning¹ – view planning applications and the planning reference is HGY/2007/1595 (must be caps for the HGY).

We are expecting an application to be made shortly that will move the present Ashmount Primary School in Hornsey Lane to a new site by the Crouch Hall Recreation Centre and will involve big changes there. We have already commented informally about ideas that threaten to make it less of a former railway environment.

We will be writing to all members shortly and distributing badges as an acknowledgement of your paid membership status. There are a few on our database that appear not to have paid from the very early contacts. We will be writing to those to catch up or check whether we have missed recording the payment.

It looks like being an interesting autumn and we look forward to a productive period when we can increase the care taken over the poorer parts of the Walk and maintain its unique characteristics for the greater good of the majority of our users with a revived Management Plan.

Chris Mason
Secretary ­ Friends of the Parkland Walk.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Frank says:

    I was attacked today by stone-throwing youths at the Crouch Hill bridge on Parkland Walk. I would recommend some measure being taken to improve security there and ensure the youths who use the youth club do not attack joggers and walkers.

  2. Wilfred Baker says:

    Is this is an appropriate place to suggest improvements
    to the Parkland Walk?

    If so, may I suggest that a rather simple but useful one
    would be to persuade TfL to place a direction to the
    Finsbury Park start-point of the Walk at several places
    in the Underground Station (and the overground station as well, if it still exists).

    (I recently made a rather long journey to Finsbury Park to enjoy the walk (having been a child in N4 in the Thirties) but could find no one at the station who knew where it

    best regards wb

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