Wilberforce Gardeners Autumn Plant Sale 7th October, 2007

Dear Neighbours,

The Wilberforce Gardeners Autumn Plant Sale will be Sunday 7th October, 11:30 to 14:00 outside Numbers 110 and 131 Wilberforce Road (South end of Wilberforce Road – near Brownswood Road). We shall have winter bedding plants for sale (wallflowers, primroses, polyanthus, bellis daisies, forget-me-nots, and winter pansies). Some perennials will also be available. As in past years pears and apples from an orchard in Kent will be on sale. We expect there will be tea and cakes as usual. More details will follow.

Catherine in Wilberforce Road has some turf available and recommends a local gardener. She says:

“I live in Wilberforce Road and we had our lawn returfed this weekend. We’ve got three rolls (1m) plus a few offcuts of top quality cultivated turf left over.It’s in rolls in black bags in our front garden, but it needs to be laid within a week before it dies. Would you be interested in sending an email out to the group to see if anyone wants it?

“The guy who did our lawn and trellis is called Ged Hogan and runs a company called Green Earth Garden Service http://www.green-earth.com with an office in Haringey. The work he did for us was really fantastic and he has a passion for lawns, but offers all other landscaping services. He’s also a specialist in wildlife gardening.
His prices were also very competitive, compared to other quotes we had. Another great thing is that he’s local.”

If you can use the turf please let me know and I will pass on Catherine’s contact details.

Photos of past sales and other Wilberforce Gardeners matters are to be found on the Brownswood website. You may also be interested in the Finsbury Park blog with details about things happening in the area.

As always we welcome contributions of plants for the sale and home baking!

A note of warning: last week terra cotta pots and a window box (plants and all) were stolen from the front area of a house in Finsbury Park Road. We hope this is an isolated incident.

Best wishes,

Hugh White

Hugh White for
Wilberforce Gardeners

NOTE: if you like to have the mailing list e-mail address, please leave a comment with a valid e-mail and we’ll reply. I’m not publishing the address here to avoid being used for spamming purposes


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Alan Byrne says:

    I went to the meeting at 10.30 a.m. today at Finfuture about the Blackstock Road Festival on 10th August. I am a little concerned about the lack of involvement, for whatever reason, by local people. A lot of the problems with Blackstock Road are that it is used by people who are not local and have no involvement/investment/interest in the area other than as a place to pass through e.g. football crowds, festival goers, visitors to concerts in the park, people changing trains etc. I am a bit worried that it might just be more noise and litter and nothing concrete for the people who actually have to live here day after day.
    Could anyone who would like to discuss this as a resident of the area please contact me.
    I would be grateful if you would circulate this.
    Many thanks,
    Alan Byrne
    tel. 020 7226 1484

  2. Vanessa Gillman says:


    We have recently terraced our front garden and have approx. 15 bags of soil waiting for a home. Is anybody interested in this?

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