Peace Walk on Sunday 16 September

[from Haringey borough web site]

Peace Walk

The Week of Peace will culminate on Sunday 16 September with a Peace Walk leading to a Peace Festival. Haringey’s residents are invited to join the walk for peace, which will set off from outside Turnpike Lane Underground Station at 1.30pm. The walk will make its way through Green Lanes, where it will enter Finsbury Park. Inside the park will be an array of activities that will be fun and educational for all the family. This Peace Event in Finsbury Park will run in partnership with the FinFest event. There will be various stages for acts to perform, a multi-faith forum to allow all faiths and cultures to come together and various other activities taking place.

Haringey Borough Commander, Simon O’Brien, said:

“I give my complete support and best wishes to the Haringey Week of Peace. This event, although now taking place all over London, was originally conceived in Haringey in 2001 and as such it gives me great pride to see the event flourishing. The message this year of Reconciliation, Celebration and Collaboration is a fantastic message to send out to the residents within our borough.

“I have no doubt that the Week of Peace will fulfil its aims of promoting greater community cohesion and safety. This year’s period of 9 – 16 September 2007 provides a great opportunity for all the diverse communities within our borough to come together for the sake of peace and to help make Haringey a safer place.”

Cllr Nilgun Canver, Haringey’s cabinet member for enforcement and safer communities, says:

“We are all looking forward to Peace Week when we can spend some time reflecting on the progress we have made in Haringey in making the borough a safer place. Robbery is down, race hate crimes are almost unheard of in Haringey and environmental crime, such as fly-tipping and abandoning vehicles, is being successfully challenged by our enforcement teams.

“But we can’t be smug. With the help of the police and the community, the council will seek to further address the concerns of residents and will be ready to respond to new challenges that might arise from time to time. We are a wonderfully cohesive community in Haringey, people from different religions and ethnic backgrounds live side by side and enrich the lives of the young people who attend our schools.

“Peace Week is Haringey’s way of raising awareness and celebrating the community cohesion and co-operation that helps us make Haringey a safer place to be.”

More on similar events on London Week of Peace web site.


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