Hovis London Freewheel: Finsbury Park hub

[from LCC website and LondonFreewheel]

Hovis London Freewheel will take place on Sunday, September 23, with the motor traffic-free London route open 11am-4pm. It will be signposted and marshalled. To take part, register at the Freewheel website, via the link in the box at right. Places will be limited, so sign up soon to receive email updates and a welcome pack. There will be six ‘Freewheel Hubs’ – Gladstone Park in Brent, Finsbury Park, Victoria Park in Tower Hamlets, Peckham Rye, Clapham Common and Ravenscourt Park – where riders can gather to be led by experienced cyclists onto the vehicle-free route. The hubs will also offer bike checks and general cycling advice. It is anticipated that LCC will be working with its local groups on guided rides to the hubs.

Many riders are expected to use Freewheel as an opportunity to raise money for charity or as a company team-building day out. LCC offers advice to encourage more people to ride to work, and also has a corporate affiliates programme for employers who wish to encourage their staff to cycle.

To see the complete route go here.

North London Super Cyclists

X-ray vision, super-human feats and leaping tall speed bumps in a single bound are all in a day’s work for these folk. And if you’re a North Londoner, you’ll be pleased to know that you’re officially a Super Cyclist too.

So when Hovis London Freewheel rolls around, it’s your duty to get dressed up (think capes, and masks – but just putting your pants on the outside of your trousers will do) and put the other hubs to shame!

More news coverage here.


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