18 months in!

18 months in!

Children and Young Persons Scrutiny

The C&YP scrutiny commission, which Brian and Feryat are members of, has launched an important enquiry into the causes of youth crime. A fascinating range of academics and psychologists gave evidence to the first hearing in September, with local practitioners to follow next Monday.

Labour Group 18th September

The main discussion was how we could achieve our commitments on housing modernisation, in the new circumstances.

Council 19th September.

Feryat highlighted the fact that GCSE results in Hackney have improved by a further 3% this year, and congratulated the teachers, families and young people responsible. Brian was acting Chief Whip for the meeting, which appeared to go well.

Audit and accounts

For the first time in living memory, the District Auditor expects to issue an unqualified opinion on the council’s accounts.

We have moved from a 2 star to a 3 star authority (out of 4) for the quality of our data.

The Audit Commission judges value for money against 12 criteria. This year, we met all 12.

Kings Crescent

The Regeneration Steering Group meets again on Wednesday 3rd October. The preliminary results of the door-to-door survey commissioned at the last meeting show almost 2/3rds in residents in those blocks due for demolition supporting that option, with only 9% in favour of refurbishment instead. The surprise result of the survey is that almost half of residents overall wish to remain council tenants or leaseholders.

Woodberry Down

The outline planning application was approved on 10th September. The detailed Phase 1 one is due in November.

The council is promoting objections to the listing of Needwood and Nichol houses. We will report the English Heritage decision once known.

Portland Rise and Amwell Court

Feryat will report.

Polling station review

Our comments and those of the branch, on the suitability of the Myddleton Grange Village Hall were noted. Improved signage and better quality poll card maps are promised. Accurate ones would be nice!


We continue to have at least one canvassing session per month. We need to continue this, and to begin to focus on GLA and Mayor of London issues as we move towards those elections next spring.

As well as the borough wide leaflets, we have also done three ward ones – one each focussed on Woodberry Down and Kings Crescent issues, and one general one. The three of us are indebted to Louisa and Robin for all their work on these.

We would also like to thank all the branch members who help with deliveries and canvassing.


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