Councillors update for November 07

Councillors Report – November 07


London Overground



In the coming month, Transport for London will take over control of the East and North London Lines, which will be rebranded as London Overground. This is potentially the biggest single improvement in public transport in our part of London for decades.



Among the benefits promised on the North London Line are –

  • Tube like train frequencies
  • Staff on the platforms whenever they’re open
  • New greener train fleet on order
  • Oyster card accepted throughout
  • Longer trains and more accessible platforms programmed


In the medium term, this will join up with the extended East London Line to form the full London Overground network. There will be local exchanges at Dalston, Canonbury and Highbury & Islington stations. The new East London Line will run south as far as Croydon, and in the longer term have a branch to Clapham Junction.



The investment needed has only been delivered by a Labour Mayor and strong Assembly Labour Group, working with our government.



Labour Group 16th October


The main discussions were about the benefits of Estates Plus scheme, and a senior officer restructuring.


Council 31st October.


Brian highlighted the improvements in our financial standing and systems, while Darren ensured that the council was updated on Kings Crescent.




Parkwood School


Our local primary school continues to provide our kids with a great start. The SATs results for last year’s 11 year olds were again outstanding. It’s also important to understand that the intake to the school is significantly more deprived than the even the Hackney average.


Achieving Level 4

In English

In Maths

In Science

Hackney average




National average




Parkwood School





We are currently seeking a new LEA governor for the school.


Kings Crescent


Demolition is proceeding well with all of Codicote Terrace and most of Weston Court now gone. The contractors should hand over a clear site before the end of December.


The Regeneration Steering Group met again on the 14th November. The main forward business will be updates on the proposed phasing, preparing the masterplan application, and future heating systems.


Woodberry Down


The masterplan application was approved on 10th September. The first of the detailed “Kickstart” (Phase 1) planning applications are due in the next couple of months.


The council is promoting objections to the listing of Needwood and Nichol houses. We will report the English Heritage decision once known.

 Brain and Darren attended the latest Estate Development Committees. Two housing associations have reached the final stage and are being considered for providing the social housing in the other phases. EDC representatives have been involved in both the shortlisting and final interviews and assessment. As previously explained, the appointed one will be required to establish a community based housing association for the estate as a dedicated subsidiary.

 Portland Rise and Amwell Court 

We are concerned that the first of the new style enhanced TRA meetings with officers and councillors appear not to have happened. Feryat will update.



Brian updated the board on our regeneration schemes at it’s meeting on the 17th October. Among the ideas they’re exploring to promote the area, is an ice rink in Finsbury Park over Xmas and New Year!


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