Celebrate new pedestrian crossing – and call for more!

[from Gardens Residents Association mailing list]

Haringey Living Streets invite everyone to
Come and celebrate the new pedestrian crossings
At the Junction of Endymion Road and Green Lanes, N4
– finally installed following pressure from local residents

Saturday 24th November
3.30pm – 4.00pm

Come and sign the Green Man Petition
(For crossings at all traffic lights in London)

Tell us of your nightmare junction!

Join us for a V.I.P photo
(Very Important Pedestrian)

Supported by the Haringey Federation of Residents Associations.

See report of previous Green Man event, below:

———— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— –
———— ——— ———

Haringey Federation of Residents Associations
Press release, 24.6.07

Residents call for Green Man crossings throughout Haringey
– real live ‘Green Man’ helps put dangerous Green Lanes junction onto
London’s ‘Top 100 priority action’ list.

On Friday 22nd June the Haringey Living Streets campaign backed by the
Haringey Federation of Residents Associations organised a local launch for a
London-wide campaign for Green Men pedestrian lights at thousands of traffic
light crossings across the capital. From 3pm-4pm in the afternoon, a real
‘Green Man’ all dressed in green with a green wig (actually Simon Barnett,
Walkability Officer of London Living Streets) helped hundreds of pedestrians
to cross the dangerous Green Lanes & Frobisher Road junction near Turnpike

The dangers of this particular junction were highlighted at a time when
scores of children were coming out of nearby schools – many of them and
others trying to cross were very pleased that a ‘Green Man’ was there to
make the junction safer. A man and his daughter (who had been knocked down
at this junction only a month ago) joined with campaigners to demand
permanent pedestrian lights. 5 years ago, 50 local parents and children
blocked the road nearby in protest at the lack of safe crossings across such
a busy road.

This time around 20 campaigners, mainly from local residents associations,
were joined by the Living Streets ‘Green Man’, and Joanne McCartney MEP.
Hundreds of passers-by signed the new London-wide petition calling for Green
Men at all similar junctions, leaflets were handed out and there were
placards and banners reading ‘LIVING STREETS’, ‘RESIDENTS DEMAND SAFER
STREETS’, and ‘RESIDENTS UNITE’. The Green Lanes junction is expected to be
added to London Living Streets ‘Top 100 priority action’ list, which will be
presented to Transport for London and local boroughs for action to be taken.

“This junction is terrible for people on foot, especially for local
schoolchildren. Feeling able to cross the road safely is a key part of
ensuring that people choose to walk. Green men at this junction, and then
across the whole of Haringey, would be a step in the right direction”. Paul
McKay (local parent) – Haringey Living Streets and Living Streets officer of
the Haringey Federation of Residents Associations.

For more info, contact Paul McKay: paulomckay@yahoo. co.uk


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