Police open mobile ‘station’

[from Islington Gazette]

Police open mobile ‘station’

19 December 2007

THE first mobile police station in Islington is set to help tackle the violence that has plagued a notorious Finsbury Park street.

There have been a number of violent incidents in Blackstock Road, Finsury Park, this year and shopkeepers have described the road as “lawless”.

Now the £35,000 mobile police station, which has been paid for by the Safer Islington Partnership – a collaboration of bodies including Islington Council and the police, will visit the troubled street.

But it will also be posted to shopping areas such as the Angel, Islington, and the Nag’s Head, Holloway, as part of the festive season’s Operation Christmas Presence.

And it will visit estates where there have been anti-social behaviour problems such as the Six Acres and Andover estates in Finsbury Park and the Marquess and Bemerton estates in Islington.

It will also head down to Finsbury to provide reassurance over possible terrorist attacks.

The station will be staffed by Islington’s community-based safer neighbourhoods teams – and will be there to help officers meet the public more easily.

Steve Riley, the acting chief inspector for community and partnership, said: “I can’t say that it’s going to reduce crime. It’s not here to reduce crime. It’s here to give the public more opportunity to communicate with police officers.”

Marisha Ray, Islington Council’s Liberal Democrat member for community safety, added: “It’s very important that people are able to report whatever concerns them.


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  1. Julia says:

    Nice to have official confirmation of our “lawless” status!

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