Finsbury Park Regeneration & Public Realm Competition


[from Death by Architecture]

Finsbury Park Regeneration & Public Realm Competition
RIBA & Business Design Centre Group

This competition seeks expressions of interest from architects with exceptional design skills for the City North Site, a significant site covering approximately 0.95 ha adjacent to Finsbury Park Station, London N4. Promoted by the RIBA Competitions Office on behalf of the Business Design Centre Group (BDCG), the competition seeks to identify an architect on the basis of a preliminary concept and an appropriate design approach. The winner of the competition will be appointed to work closely with the client to develop a design and obtain detailed planning consent for the site’s redevelopment.

A key objective for the City North Site is to create a new vibrant development where people will live, work and visit and any development should establish an environment which will encourage a wide range of uses, occupied at all times of the day.

The Planning Brief envisages potential for the site to accommodate a high density mixed-use development that could provide in the region of 500,000 square feet gross floorspace.

Redevelopment proposals will need to accommodate a new western concourse for Finsbury Park Station. Proposals should assume that roads and traffic flows remain as existing but that the opportunity to incorporate street improvements, including pavement widening and the introduction of further pedestrian priority areas, should be explored.

Proposals will need to improve the quality of public spaces, particularly around the Station entrances. They should provide, and facilitate the provision of, areas of high quality, useable public space which encourage pedestrian activity and contribute to the vibrancy of central Finsbury Park.


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