Teen throws stones at car

[from Muswell Hill journal]

Teen throws stones at car

09 January 2008

A TEENAGE yob who pelted a car in Muswell Hill with stones was caught in the act by police this week.

A man was with his silver Rover car at The Viaduct, off St James’s Lane, on Saturday when it was hit with stones from Parkland Walk, above.

Officers from Alexandra and Fortis Green Safer Neighbourhood Teams, on foot patrol in Parkland Walk at the time.

They arrested a 15-year-old who was with a group of youths. He was also carrying cannabis. He received a formal reprimand for criminal damage and possession of a class C drug.

Sergeant Neil Billany, team leader, said: “Although not the most serious of offences, this is the kind

of crime that affects the quality of life of those that live and work in this area. By directing our patrols

to an area that attracts reports of anti-social behaviour, we have managed to catch a youth in the act and bring him to justice.


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  1. rob says:

    Carrying drugs and throwing stones at a car “not the most serious of offences”. What if there had been a baby in the car and the driver was about to lift it out?

    What sort of offence is serious?

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