POPPY project report on prostitution in London

An interesting report by POPPY project people regarding the problem of prostitution that notoriously affects Brownswood Road.

An extract of Hackney case study.

Hackney Case Studies – Arrests (Hackney, 2004-2006)

.1 Women in Prostitution
• In 2004-2005, 54 women were arrested an average of 1.72 times
(n=93) for loitering or soliciting for prostitution.
• The majority of women were only arrested once (just over threefifths,
61%, n=33) with a small number of women who were arrested
five or more times (3.7%, n=2).
• 2005-2006 showed a significant decrease in arrests of women for
prostitution-related offences. Sixteen women were arrested once,
and one woman was arrested twice (n=18 arrests). These figures
suggest that recent policy calls for a victim-centric approach to
women in prostitution have begun to filter through to grassroots.

7.2 Kerb Crawlers
• In 2004-2005, 42 men were arrested 42 times for kerb crawling,
indicating the ability of buyers to easily relocate when necessary.
• Compared to the number of arrests against women for prostitutionrelated
offences (n=93), less than half that number of arrests (n=43)
were made against men for kerb crawling during the same period.
• The discrepancy between arrests of men and women – in the same
area, during the same period – highlights the freedom of movement,
security and discretion enjoyed by a male buyer travelling via car, in
contrast to the vulnerability of a female prostitute standing on the

7.3 Persistent Buyers
• In 2004-2005, only one man was arrested for persistent soliciting
followed by a 95% increase in 2005-2006, when 21 men were
arrested a total of 22 times.
• This dramatic rise in arrests for buyer solicitation denotes a gradual
shift in policy from the traditional stance of criminalising prostituted
women to a more victim-focused approach to tackling prostitution, by
acknowledging male buyers as the root cause of demand for
commercial sex acts.


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  1. toiras says:

    Good to see that the police are finally starting to tackle the real criminals.

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