Gangs in N4

The web site Piczo claims to have updated information about the Gangs in London with information about the ones in N4 area.

The following links document better which are the gangs in N4 locating them in a map: Hackney and Islington.
For N4 the names are Blue City, Queens Drive, Finsbury Park Man Dem, Holly Park Boyz and Manor House Boys.

Well, we don’t know how active and dangerous they are, but at least we know name, area and links:

– Finsbury Park Man Dem par round the Six Acres Estate. Blue City align themselves with FPMD. Holly Park Boys are from the Holly Park estate and are also aligned to FPMD.

– Highbury Grove Man Dem are present round the Highbury Estate and Holloway Boys from Holloway. Popham Youts are a younger gang in the area close to the City.

– Islington’s gangs are predominantly mixed with numbers of African and Caribbean manz. There are some man that par round De Beauvoir Town in Islington sides, although De Beauvoir Town extends into the borough of Hackney aswell.

More information is available in the following forum, if you manage to have the right access to read the information in it.

If you know more, post a comment.

Got some feedback on the forum about Finsbury Park Gangs (with updates):


Blue City
Queenz Drive
Holly Park Estate/YBM

Most known and probably feared click outter N4 is Manour House Boys although they’re located under N4 P/ Code they represent Hackney,

Next serious would be FPMD/FPK Niggaz Not much known about FPMD, only that theyre Oldahs from day !!! since WG Mob/TMD were making noise, not sure if they’ve long disbanded now, but in Finsbury Park itself there’s a new dilemma which is the Youngahs ‘FPK’

HollyPark Estate Niggaz are known but not really known for all out Beef or anything too serious, just a few shottas roudn there linked to WG niggas and them YBM music cats run them bits !!!

Blue city been around for a minute !!! on this colour ting, on the Blue bandanna hard !!!, but they aint really feared that much, they have numbers when needed, but they mostly jam on the Six AcreEstate and further down to Andover on SSRD, Holloway

I don’t know the names of the Algerian clicks, but that strip theyre on FHRD and BSRD are grimey at night time and they run them bits of FP they expect you to take up there offer, whether it’ll be crep anything !!! or sometimes you’ll get MOVED TO !!!! few of them got banged up for bottling one yout on the N279 nightbus, there conniving Little Madmen, stay away at all costs !!!!! Twisted Evil

Added on 27.02.2008

Finsbury Park is a manor every Ends in Nort’ comes and goes, becos of the many events and Fun Fair ‘s in the Park and also it ‘s joint wit’ Transportation wise – Hackney, Holloway, Wood Green and Tottenham being the closest

You get gangs from them 4 or 5 Manors steaming trains back in the day, and sometimes even Gangs South of The Thames – from Pecknahm and Brixton – ” The Nort’ Ldn Central Mosque ” is situated within Finsbury Park district which alot of Somalian gangsters come from allover Nort’ and Nort’Weez

Not forgettin Morrocan and Algerian Hustlers, Thugs and Hoodlums

Still FPK had/got seroius olders don’t know bout that youngers man them reppin there but I know they was a strong allie of Totty don’t know how they fair with Hackney goons from Stokey as you only have to walk a couple back streets to get there I used to bop through Brown or Bournville Rd to get up to Stokey bits.

Added on 12.03.2008

I think some man from FPK/Totty are still Blessed from the Olders point of view But right now them Two Ends can ‘t agree, espicially the Youngah Youngahs,They’ll do anything to wet eachother up if they Had the chance,Archway has had some Totnahm man residing there b4, But there Independent from all other Haringey Hoods

It’ s cah FPK are joining up wit’ Wood Green Niggaz ATM,so That ‘s pissin Totnahm off and they are just on some HOOVER CRIMINALS ‘ISH ‘ANYBODY KILLA’ AND ‘EVERYBODY KILLA’ them T – man !!!

Yeah I hear you Archway man for real been independent when I used to bun and there was a serious dro/ ‘eerb drought when there weren’t know pox in Grove man truss would go Archway to holla at man they’r.

FPK gets a bit heavy during Friday mostly coz bare schools pop out and bare Mandem appear to be see weather there is kiddle pussios that are dumb enough to let dem FPK youts use their phones and den run off wid it, mandem are mad about phones.

Yeah I know – I hear you on that, I see plenty of school’s out there on the Bus Stops – Them Boys from St Tommy’ More in WG recently got robbed by a Batch of FPK

It’s Rah fam – what fone you got – erm Nokia reh reh – Boom – Lemmie see it fam Laughing – Boom – ite safe !! Left standing saying ‘ Llow it ‘ it’s not funny

Wood Green and FPK man are known to just Rob anyone from or outter the Bits, Don’t go WG flossin even Broaddaylight cah you will get Clocked if you ain’t moving right

But FPK / WGCOG / Totty High Rd / Hornsey Lightfoot & Priory Park/ Ally Pally is good for them kinda theft’s there !!!

Still I member Finsbury Park one summer see some sweet tings from Hackney going bout hers , you know them gyal there you just would wanna put yah kids in NO LONG SHOW!!! proper buff CARAMEL TING.

Lmao No Long Ting dats how I’ve seen dat ish happen to lil boys, I see my guys from woodgreen go up to one boy and ask him
TJ “wagwun G wat you on?”
Likkle pussio “nout much man Crying or Very sad
TJ “Why u saking man I’m just asking if you got credz coz I wanna make a quick fne call”
Likkle pussio “ohh right” Boy come out wid W810i fne
TJ “ima be 2mins wait ere blad”
Likkle pussio “ok”

what da stupid boy don’t know is dat he go shot da fne to da shop near southgate college and ids dumb idiot been waitin nuf time and I must of told him, he not coming back wid his fone.

Tuckman “boy he not coming back wid your fne, u shouldnt of let him, use it”
Likkle pussio ” Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad

Lol i felt sorry for da boy tho he was nice boy and he got jiddlesed

I remember i use to buss them tricks in 97 – 98 robbing man for the ericsson ph388 or Faceoff when its was only avaible on orange or sometimes just use to snacth and dnt look back
then str8 to SIDs in balham near the court and get a nice price or to the kebab shop near upper cut in norwood anything GSM means GOOD PRICE

HAHAHA yeah the FACEOFFS !!! mandem used to take them off of Youts Nicely back then, everybody was jackin ’em off people tho, even Gyal dem, they wouldn’t break no matter which way you ‘Konked someone or Dashed it sumwhere LOL

@TUCKMAN who is this ‘Tashan Johnson’ fello???? He’s from Hornsey??? got remanded cah He wet some girl in the neck????


7 Comments Add yours

  1. lauren says:

    the boys involved with killing martin ‘b.c.y’ ‘BENNETT COURT YOUNGERZ’

    ringcross olders

    s.o.s mandem / soldiers of shakespeare

    they are all such pathetic names lol

  2. JC says:

    i’ve lived on Holly Park for years and have never seen anything remotely gang like. It’s a really nice place to live. Never had any problems.

    1. HP says:

      I agree.

  3. max deighton says:

    After reading such afro trash which the cultural liberal trash call enrichment

  4. Unknown says:

    Queens drive and manor house are the most on it ends there the rest are dead

    1. Ghost says:

      Yh them Queens Drive man are on there ting there linked up with Shakespeare and Hollystreet manor house have some on it man to

  5. unknown says:

    Queens Drive (AKA QD) is probably the most feared in N4. The numbers they have are uncountable. They have been established in the borough for decades. These rivals have military grade artillary. They are known for their arms, swag, and other illegal ventures. They do not start trouble, but if trouble gets to them – just run.

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