Who will put black teenagers on road to success?

[from Islington Tribune]

Who will put black teenagers on road to success?

THE search is on for entrepreneurs from Islington’s Afro-Caribbean community who will “inspire” young people to venture into business and improve their life prospects.
Community worker Desmond Riley is planning to launch a series of talks in May aimed at teenagers who might enjoy working for themselves.
Mr Riley, a volunteer worker at Islington Link Up project in Finsbury Park, believes young people leave school with no knowledge of commerce.
“We know that many young people have that adventurous spirit and that they would be prepared to go into business for themselves if only they had the support,” he said.
“I am looking for business people from the Afro-Caribbean community who are willing to give up an hour or so of their time to share their experiences with young people”.
Mr Riley has argued that one way of deterring street gangs is to provide meaningful work for young people.
His new business promotion scheme has been welcomed by black businessman Charlton Chambers, who runs the popular Caribbean restaurant, Mr Cee’s, in Hornsey Road, Holloway.
“Business is obviously a bit of a gamble and a matter of who dares wins,” he said.
“But it can be very satisfying working for yourself.”
“The hardest period for me was the first 12 months when you are starting out fresh and dependent on the goodwill and help of friends and family.”
For details of the business talks, contact Desmond at Islington Link Up, Seven Sisters Road, Finsbury Park, at Islingtonlinkup [-at-] hotmail [-dot-] co [-dot-] uk


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