96 Gillespie presents ‘Hope Springs Eternal’ by San Francisco’s Needles + Pens Gallery

96 Gillespie introduces:

Hope Springs Eternal
By San Francisco’s Needles and Pens Gallery

From the ashes of San Francisco’s “Dot Com Bust,” arose a quiet new cultural vitality. The partial collapse of big business and subsequent vacating of studios, lofts, and apartment buildings temporarily halted the displacement of artists, breathing a new life into the city. This rebirth, marked by the momentary pause of economic progress in the city’s business sector, subtly ushered in a new era that allowed it’s artistic community to flourish. Creative types could once again afford to remain in San Francisco.

For the last five years, at the core of this post-dot com era, has been Needles + Pens – a space that’s mission has been to offer the artistic community of San Francisco a venue in which they can display and sell their creations (hand-made clothing, self-published zines, and visual artwork) to the public. In that time, N+P has evolved into a key grass-roots hub of the city’s thriving arts scene, that today, attracts an international scope of artists.

Among the throngs of talented artists that have been involved with N+P over the years, Monica Canilao, Bill Daniel, Chris Duncan, Mat O’Brien, The Polaroid Kidd, Kyle Ranson, Sara Thustra, and Paul Urich most faithfully represent the spectrum of influential work to come out of San Francisco during this period of time. – A soulful aesthetic fundamentally built upon of the do-it-yourself ethos of punk rock, graffiti, skateboard culture, folk wisdom, and an inner-being that thrives upon contributing to the world around it. Their work in essence, embodies the revitalized spirit of San Francisco.

Hope Springs Eternal will showcase ink drawings, paintings (solo and collaborative), prints, photographs, and a site-specific installation. In addition the exhibition will be accompanied by a zine (released in a limited-edition of 200) created by the artists.

opens thursday . Feb 28 . 2008 . 7-9 pm

show runs 29th February – 23rd March . 2008
gallery hours th – su . 2 – 6 pm


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