Thousand police raid drug gangs

[from This is London]

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Police raid

Long blue line: police officers in body armour stormed Blackstock Road in north London today, hitting 19 businesses – including butchers and internet cafés – in raids targeting gangs dealing in class-A drugs and stolen goods

Thousand police raid drug gangs

Rob Singh, Evening Standard

Police today smashed gangs dealing in class A drugs and stolen goods in a series of “unprecedented” swoops.

In one of the Met’s biggest operations, more than 1,100 officers stormed 40 addresses and 19 firms in Islington.

Investigations focused on a network involved in heroin, cocaine, stolen goods and fraud. In one raid, police stormed Blackstock Road, hitting 19 businesses from butchers to internet cafés and fast food outlets.

A stretch of the north London road was barricaded as more than 40 vans ferried in officers in riot gear. Police hope to pick up at least 70 suspects.

Hours earlier, 40 warrants were executed in dawn swoops in north and north-west London. Other addresses in Hertfordshire and Gloucestershire and Leeds were also targeted.

Officers from the Met, the British Transport Police and Immigration Services were involved in the operation. They recovered forged documents, including passports and licences. They also found stolen goods including laptops, cameras, iPods and sat-nav systems.

Blackstock Road has long been on their radar say police sources. In the morning raids, 35 people were arrested. Commander of Islington Police Bob Carr said: “The area that we have focused on has always been in our sights.” He said that more operations will be ongoing, adding that because of the “relatively” sophisticated nature of the network “we had to do it at one time and all in one hit”.

He added: “It’s something that needed to be done for a long time.”

He explained the numbers of officers were needed to storm Blackstock Road because of the scores of businesses they were targeting and the possible threat of violence.

He said that police will be out in force working with and reassuring the community.

He added: “This sends out the very strong message criminals can’t operate with impunity.”


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  1. sarah says:

    AT LAST!


  2. Anna says:


    As a resident, I have seen the criminals trading and drug dealing for years….I longed for the day when I could walk down Blackstock Road without feeling intimidated and frightened.

  3. Richi Morton says:

    We call it ‘Little Algeria’ actualy – not Moroccan or Albanian – and although some dodgyness may have been going on , does’nt anyone remember the bad old days , of open Crack dealing by home grown villains on that corner ?

  4. MK -- SF says:

    I am an Algerian living in the U.S. and I Just want to point out that the majority of these people obtained their visa legally thru the British embassy in Algiers throughout the 1990s.. The UK allowed them to enter the territory on the basis that they were asking for asylum. The only government to blame in this case the the British government itself who allowed people who committed crimes in Algeria (such as terrorism, and its well documented) to enter the U.K.
    Call it little Algeria, or little Italy , or anything you would like to , but the problem remains in London(istan) where the majority of the Islamist are free to walk and preach they hatred. If they don’t like the way of life in the UK, they should get the hell out to Sausi Arabia or Afghanistan , Don’t work and leave in the WEST if you are not able to leave in the WEST !!!!!!. If you think that the west is evil ,,,then Get the fuck out of there and make sure to go back to your country to preach you bullshit and hatred .
    In my opinion they should be shot, I ‘ll personally do it, they have given the Algerians ( and Muslims) a bad name ( please don’t send them back to Algeria, we don’t want them), perhaps Guantanamo bay prison or something similar to that !!!!
    Again , The only one to blame is certainly the British Government for allowing these thugs to enter the kingdom.

    1. American Eagle says:

      Just exposing and refuting your false claim to give your terrorist people a better image. There is NOT a single algerian who gets a visa from home, ALL get smuggled on rubber boats and cargo ships WITHOUT a passport, then claim REFUGEE status the minute they land in Europe, US, and Canada.

      Your attempt to amalgamate algerians with Muslims to escape the fact that Barbarians, YOU, are a mere bunch of angry criminals who take other as enemy for no obvious reason, is a failed one. Even in France, algerians are singled out by experienced French law enforcement because they are quite aware of how criminally insane that community is.

      Sarkozy, has just called you scum of bathrooms and he is working on “scrubbing” you off France. He prayed that algerian soccer team loses in world cup nominations because algerians pillage,loot, vandalize stores and public properties wherever they live.

      The whole world knows how criminally insane algerians are, what happened in Sudan on November 18th, 2009 is the most prominent example. algerian dictators send 48 planes to Sudan full of jail inmates, criminals, assassins, all armed with knives to attack the Egyptian soccer fans. The whole world saw, read that kind of news with contempt and absolute disgust.

      I strongly believe that Brits should act immediately and change their laws to hinder the entrance of such terrorist and criminal stock to Britain. They have turned cities in France into 3rd world crime haven.. not the turn is on the UK.

  5. JAMIE says:

    Been to Black stock Road on many occassions and yes there are some dodgy dealings going on like many other parts of the city.

    There are parts of London where you need more then 1000 coppers to raid the place and make it safer to the public, maybe 5000.

    Police who have let the place brew with petty criminals on purpose for one year could have handled the situation much better then targeting or making the whole situation seem like they are targeting a specific community.

    Now how bout we do the same in Ladbroke grove (Little Morrocco) next, Brixton and Peckham (Little Carribean & Africa) then the Jews and Turks in North London and then Brick Lane (Little Bangldesh).

    Or shall we just concentrate on Little Algiers for now!!

    Nice one we just alienated a whole community because of a small group of petty criminals.

    What a Joke !!

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