Police raids in Blackstock Road videos


Video 1: Police raid on Blackstock Road

Video 2: Police raid on Blackstock Road


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  1. rachel says:

    Well, I’m relieved. It was well out of control.

  2. Peregrine Urquhart says:

    Thank goodness! Crackstock Road is nasty, I know loads of people who’ve been mugged down there. Nice butchers, but loads of blokes stood round intiumidating anyone who walks past.

  3. Mohamed Nacer says:

    “little Algiers” has been raided by the police,, ok ! We called the police to clean the area, but this operation ha killed the businesses in the area, only that the whole system is wrong, we know and we see so many vulnerable youngsters who arrived to Blackstock rd, “little Algeirs” to get some guidance and help from members of the community, things has changed now, before they are allowed to claim asylum, look for job, none of this is available now the home office policies are making it difficult for migrant to integrate , so they became is target for crime leader! And that why they are turning to crime , arresting people will not solve the problem , this people need help and guidance, prevention better than cure! ! we the Algerian community has assisted and enriched Finsbury park with our test of culture, and our businesses , and we are proud to be part of Finsbury park. We do not want to all brushed with criminality, WE ARE NOT!

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