Thousand police raid drug gangs in north London


[from The Mail On Sunday]

Thousand police raid drug gangs in north London

Last updated at 17:35pm on 27th March 2008

Police today smashed gangs dealing in class A drugs and stolen goods in a series of “unprecedented” swoops. In one of the Met’s biggest operations, more than 1,100 officers stormed 40 addresses and 19 firms in Islington.

Investigations focused on a network involved in heroin, cocaine, stolen goods and fraud.

Over 1000 police officers head towards Blackstock road in north London to carry out Operation Mista

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In one raid, police stormed Blackstock Road, hitting 19 businesses from butchers to internet cafés and fast food outlets.

A stretch of the north London road was barricaded as more than 40 vans ferried in officers in riot gear.

Police hope to pick up at least 70 suspects.

Hours earlier, 40 warrants were executed in dawn swoops in north and north-west London. Other addresses in Hertfordshire and Gloucestershire and Leeds were also targeted.

Approximately 1100 officers were targeting 40 addresses in London involving a money laundering, stolen goods, drugs and fake document racket

Officers from the Met, the British Transport Police and Immigration Services were involved in the operation.

They recovered forged documents, including passports and licences.

They also found stolen goods including laptops, cameras, iPods and sat-nav systems.

Blackstock Road has long been on their radar say police sources.

In the morning raids, 35 people were arrested. Commander of Islington Police Bob Carr said: “The area that we have focused on has always been in our sights.”

Police force their way into a property at Six Acres in Finsbury Park

He said that more operations will be ongoing, adding that because of the “relatively” sophisticated nature of the network “we had to do it at one time and all in one hit”.

He added: “It’s something that needed to be done for a long time.”

He explained the numbers of officers were needed to storm Blackstock Road because of the scores of businesses they were targeting and the possible threat of violence.

He said that police will be out in force working with and reassuring the community.

He added: “This sends out the very strong message criminals can’t operate with impunity.”

Police remove a man from an address in Upper Tollington, Finsbury Park during the dawn raid

One Comment Add yours

  1. Mus says:

    I think it was a big shame this whole operation,and so called the police raid that was targeting drogues,crime,and money laundering ????
    600 police,a secret operation to target all these kind of crimes,and than all what they could find was laptops,mobile phones,and I pods,and some satellite navigators?

    this must have been a operation that cost so much money,and it is us the tax payers who pay for that.and as far as crime is concerned,these 600 police officers could have been somewhere like Brixton where they knifed a boy 10 days ago ,or Kilburn where they killed a boy of 14 last week,and so many other places in London that are known to have muc more crime than finsbury park , where the real crime is happening,and where for sure police will recover real drugs,and real money
    no drugs was recovered from finsbury park,and no money also. there was nothing so big there ,that deserved 600 police officers

    I think that title is supposed to be tackling crime in London

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