Operation ‘not aimed at Algerian community’


[from Islington Tribune]

Islington Tribune – by ROISIN GADELRAB
Published: 4 April 2008
Operation ‘not aimed at Algerian community’

BOROUGH Commander Bob Carr, who met business owners and residents yesterday (Thursday), has responded to criticisms made of the Blackstock Road operation.
He said: “We knew exactly who we were looking for and know what was going on in these premises – buying and selling stolen goods, drugs, forged passports – we have evidence. We were searching for 52 specific people and on the day we arrested 36 of them. We’ve heard some of the stories that are coming out but I believe the vast majority of those officers were totally professional. I’m fully confident we did it right. We’ve got evidence of criminality going on in each of those 19 premises. I’ve been surprised at how supportive the community has been generally. We see this as the beginnning of something good. There’s a real opportunity for the people left to make their business better. This isn’t aimed at the Algerian community.”


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  1. Mr Soualmi Houari says:

    I Personnely as an algerian living in algeria ,encourage what was launched as operation against ” the power of evil ” from the algerian community in black stock .

    all simply because i visited london 03 time,it is a beautiful city to visit ,and i have seen many places and i met many faces,franckly no foreigner has the right to soil this beautiful picture ,and as we ar only gustes there we have to respect the rules,what is called stollen cells,and forged passports,and little devilish ideas is not representing muslims and algerian people,london has welcomed us in our worst times,so we have to think twice before ,an algerian think about a nice old lady’s cell phone or a young lady’s bag.

    Those,who their priority is depending on stollen things,they better have to go for training to learn english and looking fo jobs, institutes,colleges,univesities are surrounding london from everywhere they better think twice about,OF COURSE THE OPERATION WAS NOT AIMED AT THE ALGERIAN COMMUNITY.

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