New gallery space to open in north London

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New gallery space to open in north London

Thursday 10 Apr 2008 – 12:34

Picture framing expert John Jones will open a dedicated exhibition space in the company’s Finsbury Park office at the end of this month. The space will be dedicated to promoting emerging artists and young talent.

The inaugural exhibition, which opens on April 25, is called John, I’m Only Dancing. It brings together three international artists to examine the role of music in contemporary art. The exhibition looks at the boundaries between ‘high’ and ‘low’ or popular culture, and the ways in which both music and art can cross these borders.

The artists are Yason Banal, from the Philippines; Juan Pablo Echeverri, from Colombia; and Rose Eken, from Denmark. Banal is a multimedia artist who blends photography, film, performance and a range of other practices to create works that juxtapose popular culture and the ‘real world’.

Photographer and filmmaker Echeverri turns his lens on himself, creating works that interrogate concepts of image, gender and identity, as well as gently mocking and parodying the narcissism inherent in many popular concepts of self-image.

Video and model artist Rose Eken uses the paraphernalia of pop culture, such as album sleeves, to explore the link between pop culture and personal memory.

The exhibition takes place from April 25 to May 30. Gallery details are here.

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  1. it’s a nice idea,…

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