‘Terror’ of attacked clubber


[from Islington Tribune]

Islington Tribune – by ROISIN GADELRAB
Published: 11 April 2008
‘Terror’ of attacked clubber

A CLUBBER has de­s­cribed to an Old Bailey jury her “absolute terror” when she was ambushed by a girl gang early one Sunday.
The 17-year-old, from Barnsbury, was on her way to meet a cousin in Seven Sisters Road, Finsbury Park, when she was surrounded and attacked.
“There were at least eight of them,” said the teenager, who gave evidence behind a screen. “They were asking what I was doing around there. They began pushing me and calling me names.”
The victim was followed to a minicab office, where she was punched in the face and dragged out by the hair, the court heard.
A 16-year-old from Highbury, who cannot be identified, was found guilty of robbery and assault.
Judge Gerald Gordon put her on 18-month probation supervision and imposed a curfew on her activities. A 20-year-old woman from Archway, who denied any part in the attack, was cleared by the jury.


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