Is Boris set to stop our festivals?

[from the Void blog]

Is Boris set to stop our festivals?

May 14, 2008

In a bid to ensure that our free festival listings are accurate the void just spoke with the London events team at the GLA. We spoke to a friendly enough chap who we won’t name.

Specifically we asked whether they could confirm the date of July 13th for the Rise Anti-Racist Festival due to be held in Finsbury Park.

He told us that that was the date they had planned however he couldnt confirm whether that was still the case.

So we asked him if he could confirm that the usual festivals would be going ahead and he told me that they didn’t know and they wouldn’t be announcing anything until the new administration settles down.

We asked when that would be and he said he didnt know.

Now we’re not ones to be alarmist, but Rise is less than two months away and takes a lot of organising.

All the GLA can say is they will issue a press release when they know what is going on … we smell a rat.


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  1. matt says:

    If they cancel the Rise festival people are welcome to The Ladder Summer Party mentioned below. Might have to close surrounding streets. 🙂

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