Save gallery:space

[from gallery:space]

Since April 07 gallery:space has delivered a programme of free exhibitions, projects and educational activities. Thousands of people enjoyed our shows and many participated in our talks and events.
We enjoyed having you all here and have plans for lots more exhibitions and projects in the future.

However, gallery:space is under threat of closure.

Haringey officers plan to shut the gallery forever and are currently looking for alternative use for the building.

We feel that our visitors and supporters should be part of the consultation about the future of the arts in Finsbury Park.
We believe that your opinion matters. We also believe that if many of us told Haringey Council what we think they won’t be able to pretend they don’t know.

Please sign this petition

We will make sure your voice is heard.

If you want a more direct method, why not write to Don Lawson, Haringey’s Head of Parks or to Anne Barwick, the Chair of The Friends of Finsbury Park?


The gallery:space team.


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