Charter spells safety for Blackstock Road

[from City and Islington College]

Charter spells safety for Blackstock Road

Nicholas Callow, Chair of Governors for Ambler Children’s Centre & Primary School and Mila Caley, Director of Centre for Lifelong Learning, City and Islington College

Determined to build a strong reputation for business and leisure, key partners within the Blackstock Road community signed a Charter on Thursday, 29th May at City and Islington College to pledge their support for a safer and more attractive area for traders, residents and visitors.

Famed for its variety of shops and restaurants, Blackstock Road is a thriving thoroughfare and its businesses welcome the local initiatives to make it safer.

Mila Caley, Director of City and Islington College’s Centre for Lifelong Learning on Blackstock Road said: “City and Islington College sees this as an excellent initiative and is very happy to join up with the other organisations in the area to celebrate our street and to pledge ourselves to keeping crime away.”

Mila continued: “It is essential that we develop and maintain Blackstock Road as a safe and secure area for our students and staff and all of us who live or work here”

The ideas which have been agreed are:

  • Internal CCTV for the shops felt to be at risk from the criminals
  • A Charter for all parts of the community to sign up to, to show that they have come together with a united message, to say they don’t want the criminals to return and that they want to work together to make Blackstock Road a thriving local high road
  • Community Festival planned for 10 August 2008

Despina Johnson, Chief Executive of FinFuture, the development agency leading the partnership, said: “There is a distinct desire to make big improvements in the area. This new enthusiasm has developed as we have seen the police and community working together to wipe out crime.”

Despina continued: “It came as great relief and now we really feel that we must carry on the good work by preventing the criminals from returning. This is the best way is to encourage local people to use Blackstock Road again and to enjoy what it has to offer.”

Blackstock Road Charter

As the leaders of the community who live and work in Blackstock Road, we believe this is a great place full of character and diversity, a working example of the multi cultural atmosphere that London is so proud of.
We are committed to ensuring that all members of the community are treated fairly and equitably, irrespective of their race, faith or any other factor.

We undertake to:

  • work in partnership to remove crime and anti-social behaviour from the area
  • promote Blackstock Road as an exciting area to shop, and visit
  • promote understanding of and respect for the diverse communities in Blackstock Road
  • ensure that everyone feels safe in Blackstock Road

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