Is this the end of gallery:space in Finsbury Park??


gallery:space would like to invite you to a special picnic, on the last day of its, very possibly, last exhibition
in Finsbury Park.

As war has been declared against the gallery, we decided not to take part.
Instead, we’ll continue doing what we do best – create a space for all people to meet, socialise and enjoy great art. This time – on a picnic blanket!

Let them nasty people do the fighting.
We’ll do some picnicing.
And while we do that, say what we think about the future of gallery:space and art in Finsbury Park.
This is not a demonstration – it’s a protest picnic.

This event is, of course, free and open to all.
Your friends are our friends!
Bring food and drinks to share and don’t forget a picnic blanket.

Sunday 29th June from 6pm.

See you there,
Shiri & the gallery:space team.
Please sign the save gallery:space petition

gallery:space at the McKenzie Pavilion Finsbury Park London N4 2NQ

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