Police shut down crack den


[from Islington Gazette]

Police shut down crack den

25 June 2008

A CRACK den in a road notorious for drugs and groups of youths has been closed.

The second-floor flat in Quill Street, Finsbury Park, was boarded up last week following a raid by police officers in which they found drug paraphernalia in every room.

According to police, the flat had been operating as a crack house for years. Neighbours had complained to landlord Family Mosaic about anti-social behaviour. Police had also received about 50 complaints about people being disorderly – from loitering and being noisy to smoking cannabis in communal areas.

A man arrested during the raid admitted possession of class A drugs and was sentenced to a day’s imprisonment. Highbury Corner magistrates ordered that the flat should be closed.

The apartment was boarded up after a man and woman living there were given an hour to leave.

Sergeant Rob O’Connor, of Highbury West Safer Neighbour-hood Team, said: “We will not allow people to abuse drugs and behave in a way that causes great distress to law abiding residents.”

Jennie Anderson, Family Mosaic regional housing director, said: “We are delighted we have been able to support the police in tackling crime and they in turn have supported us in removing this family from the estate.”

But a nearby resident, who is too afraid to go into Quill Street, said there is still more to be done.

The 34-year-old woman of Hurlock Street, Highbury, said: “There are two more crack houses to close there. If only the police would come round and see what is going on.

“The more crack houses they close on Quill Street, the more it will work. They also need to stop putting ex-junkies there.


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