Martin Dinnegan Knife victim Martin ‘in wrong post code area’, court is told

[from Islington Tribune]

Islington Tribune – by DAVID ST GEORGE
Published: 4 July 2008

Martin Dinnegan

Knife victim Martin ‘in wrong post code area’, court is told

Trial hears how stabbed teen was on gang ‘manor’

AS another family this week mourn the violent death of a teenage knife victim, murder trial jurors heard how schoolboy Martin Dinnegan was targeted because he strayed into the wrong “post code” area.
The 14-year-old’s grieving parents listened at the Old Bailey to how gangs guarded their ter­ritory. And thugs were ready to battle with anyone who came into their “manor”.
The last of four suspects who deny murdering Martin completed giving his evidence yesterday (Thursday) and next week the lengthy ­trial moves into its ­closing stages.
Jurors were told that an exchange of “dirty looks” between Martin and his pals and a group of youths cycling along Holloway Road led to a series of escalating ­clashes.
His young life was ended by repeated knife blows to his back, at the junction of Axminster Road and Tollington Way on the evening of June 26 last year.
Martin “fled in terror” for more than 200 yards to try and outpace his pursuers on bikes but was cornered, punched, kicked and stabbed.
One accused, from Islington, who was 15 at the time of the attack and now 16, claimed he plunged a blade into ­Martin in “self-defence” – a suggestion “rubbished” by the prosecutor, Aftab Jafferjee, QC.
The lawyer said Martin was unarmed and des­perately trying to escape as he held up his hand in a “conciliatory” way, showing he wanted no more trouble, when he was killed.
Martin lived with his family in Evershot Road, Finsbury Park, and attended St Aloysius College in Archway. His parents, Lorraine and James, have been in court throughout the harrowing case.
The 16-year-old confessed to the jury that he had been in trouble for kicking a man, carrying a snooker ball in a sock, and threatening a cyclist with a metal bar.
Mr Jafferjee said yesterday that the quartet regarded the post code area at the ­murder scene as “their manor” and were armed and prepared to “sort out” anyone who strayed into it.
Giving evidence yesterday, the elder of the quartet, 21-year-old Rene John-Baptiste, a cleaner, of Khartoum Road, Plaistow, said he regularly stayed in Axminster Road to look after his grandmother.
He admitted that he had previously been arrested for carrying an axe in his rucksack – “I found it on the back seat of the bus” – and for leaving his grandmother’s home with a butcher’s boning knife in his pocket. “I forgot I had it on me,” he said.
The prosecutor accused him and his three co-accused of “lying their heads off”.
Sean Clark, 19, of Bennett Court, Axminster Road, John-Baptiste, the 16-year-old, and a 17-year-old from Islington – they have anonymity because of their ages – are in the dock.


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  1. northldn says:


  2. northldn says:

    the graffiti artist PAID to graffitti the set of eastenders has been JAILED FOR 2 YEARS yet martin dinnegans killers get away with little less than a slap on the wrist…..WHERE IS THE JUSTICE IN THAT?

    justice HAS NOT been served for martin dinnegan,only 1 of his 4 killers was charged with his murder….

    all 4 chased and persued him,beat him to the ground,held him down and ultimately stabbed and killed him….

    how on earth is this a justified sentence,his poor family have to suffer while 3 of his killers walk free able to kill another innocent young boy,its not right. <<<<<tribute video for martin

    join my campaign

    please join,i need all the help i can get

  3. charleen says:

    It is truely sad that this young boy had to die, it is not fair that so many young people are dying. You can’t belive everything you hear. Only one person killed Martine, not four. People need to just accept that. Justice has been done , one person has been charged. Martine was not pinned to the ground by 4 people. His friends were with him, but not with him when he ran because he was scared. Everyone wants to say those boys were know for making trouble, but so was martin. He was making trouble when he looked at them in a funny way. Not saying he deserves what happened.

  4. Justice says:

    The fact is only one of the boys killed Martin. There was no evidence against the other boys. Two were clearly innocent and should never have been on trial. Only one defendant chased Martin. Another killed him. Martin was no angel. He was carrying a 9inch knife on him when he was killed, and had been arrested for having a knuckle-duster just a few months before. Justice has been done for Martin, and also the innocent boys in the dock that should never have been there! Postcodes had nothing to do with the case. Don’t believe the nonsense that you hear. You clearly were not in the courtroom. The jury got it right.

  5. lauren says:

    what? martin didnt have a 9 inch knife on him at the time of the attack,if he had dont you think he would have used it?instead of trying to fight his way out….martin wasnt arrested for having a knuckle duster,you are clearly listening to hear say,all excuses made by those scumbags….all 4 of them were GUILTY!
    2 innocent people in the dock?one had been arrested for carrying an axe and a butchers knife,who carries an axe and butchers knife with them and claims they ‘forgot’ they had it with them,…..
    people are getting this all muddled…
    justice has not been done for martin,all 4 should have been charged,2 for manslaughter…
    sean clarke hit him over the head with a moped helmet
    martin was not known to anybody as a troublemaker,he was a normal boy,a bit cheeky,had a few fights here and there,but wouldnt use weapons…..
    how is ‘making trouble’ looking at somebody in a funny way,that is the most ridiculous thing ive ever heard,why should they be so angry that he looked at them,a look isnt going to kill them…..
    im gathering the people who have commented saying martin was a trouble maker,do not know martin personally nor do they know the boys who killed him….
    i know both,the ‘b.c’ boys have always caused trouble and got into fights,martin was not known for starting trouble,they were

  6. Justice says:

    Lauren, with all the respect – you are not going by the facts. The POLICE admitted that he had been arrested/cautioned for having a knuckle duster…and a knife was found with his finger prints on. Martins friends were also armed with hammers and crowbars,…where were they when their ‘friend’ needed help? They were all as bad as each other – but one idiot decides to go and kill him! Martin seemed like a great lad, but that doesn’t make innocent people guilty. There was a lot of other people that SHOULD have been in the dock for GBH and manslaughter (at least)!! The injustice is they they were not even in the dock!

  7. no justice says:

    when did the police ‘admit’ this? If martins fingerprints were ‘found’ on a knife,why was the boys plea for self defense rejected by the court? if martin was armed then it would have been self defense….Martins friends were not armed,only one of them was,if they were armed,they wouldnt have run off!
    Im taking it,you DIDNT know martin personally?

    they were NOT ‘as bad as eachother’
    The b.c boys are known for their trouble causing,they even admit on their websites that they go around ‘shanking’ boys who try it
    Sean clark a.k.a ‘whitey’ is known for being a bully,smoking weed and hitting his sister
    rene a.k.a ‘ranger’ was arrested for possession of an axe that he ‘found at the back of a bus’ what kind of person picks up an axe they ‘found’…he is also known to pester girls for favours and walks around with knives….they arent nice boys full stop.Nobody could care less about them,yet the whole community joined together for martin,that proves something.Everybody knows who they are and where they live,they will forever be watching their backs.

  8. Justice says:

    They said in it court, as did Martin’s own barrister. The knife was an exhibit and shown to the jury. Self defence could have been rejected for several reasons. You clearly did not attend any of the court proceedings or follow the case, as all of your facts are wrong. Martins friend admitted they were armed, in court. I’m not going to go through the case or all of the evidence here. They may not be nice people but in this case they were innocent. The CCTV and the whole court saw that.

  9. Justice says:

    Hi Lauren/No Justice, it’s been nice speaking with you. I can’t check this thing anymore. Basically, if you live by the sword, you die by the sword. The whole thing is unfortunate and need not have happened. Take care xx

  10. jamil says:

    Martin wasnt armed,knives were found at the scene but none were related to martin in this incident.The knife that killed martin was never found.
    the cctv only showed martin running away with all boys behind him so how does the cctv show their innocence? this shows they continued to carry on chasing him.
    You are mixing up your facts.

  11. daniel says:

    It clearly stated that Martin was unarmed! poor boy. he was only 14 he didn’t deserve this he should of had his whole life ahead of him. what the fuck is a 21 year hitting and chasing a 14 year old for? low life that should be shot. justice wont be done it never really is.

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