Rat-run fear over road closure plan

[from Hornsey and Crouch End Journal]

Rat-run fear over road closure plan

02 July 2008

CAMPAIGNERS fear busy roads outside their homes will get unbearable if council proposals to create a mini “congestion zone” around Wood Green town centre get the green light.

Plans to shut Wood Green High Road to all traffic except buses during the day, probably between Station Road and Turnpike Lane, could see drivers using Harringay Ladder roads as rat runs and make residents’ lives a misery.

They argue drivers are likely to bypass the zone via Mayes Road, Hornsey Park Road and Wightman Road, cutting through the Ladder roads to get back onto Green Lanes, and vice versa.

Ian Sygrave, chairman of the Ladder Community Safety Partnership, said: “Our fear is that all the traffic going through Wood Green High Road will go through Harringay ward.

“I can see the advantages of a small pedestrianised zone, but you can’t just implement this without massive research.

“We have not been leafleted or consulted. If this is going to be the intention of the council then it has got to come clean and tell us.

“When you look at the cock-up at Williamson Road and Green Lanes, it doesn’t inspire confidence.”

A 625-signature petition has been handed in to the council by the organisers of Ladder community web site Harringay Online, demanding “proper traffic planning”.

The proposals are contained within the Wood Green town centre supplementary planning document (SPD), a planning blueprint to shape the character and appearance of the area for the next 25 years.

The SPD states the council “will consider the concept of a bus only High Road during daytime shopping hours subject to further investigative traffic modelling work,” in line with Transport For London aims.

It also suggests the “promotion of a phased reduction in car parking provision” in the town centre.

A Haringey Council spokesman said: “These plans will have a major impact on this area for years. That is why we have consulted extensively, and we welcome views from as many people as possible.

“All these comments will be taken into account as the plan is finalised.


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