Oasis to headline Knife Crime Concert In Finsbury Park?

NOTE: Anti-knife crime concert delayed

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Oasis To Headline Knife Crime Concert In London?

Along with Lily Allen…

Oasis To Headline Knife Crime Concert In London?

Oasis have expressed an interest in taking part in a special awareness concert in London, it’s been reported.

The event in Finsbury Park, scheduled to take place in September (apparently on 21 September, read below), is being organised to highlight the issue of knife crime in the capital.

According to BBC6 Music, Oasis, Lily Allen, Madness and Kelly Rowland have all been named by organisers – but none have yet to confirm their participation.

The concert, which would attract 39,000 people, has been backed by London’s Mayor, Boris Johnson, and the Metropolitan Police.
Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher recently called on politicians to take action against Britain’s knife problem, saying he feared the reality of the problem, and the impact it could have on his own children.
“In my day, status was trying to be somebody, do you know what I mean, not trying to kill somebody?” he told the BBC.

In London alone, twenty teenagers have lost their lives in 2008 as a result of a knife attack.

[from Live4ever]

    Oasis Charity Show Later This Year

A scan taken from page nine of the Daily Star today.

Britpop legends Oasis are set to headline a special concert in memory of 16-year-old knife victim Ben Kinsella.

The Gallagher brothers will preform at Finsbury Park, on September 21, for the tragic teenager – along with Madness, McFly and Kelly Rowland, 27.

Ben brother of actress Brooke Kinsella, 24 – was stabbed to death outside a bar in Hollywell, north London, on June 29.

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That is the day when we as ONE NATION STAND UP and say we will not live our lives and our childrens lives in these conditions .That is the day when YOU can STAND UP and tell your family , your relatives , your neighbours what YOU did to change things. IT is not enough to simply talk whilst murder and heartbreak escalates around US . IT IS TIME TO STAND UP AS ONE , TO COME TOGETHER AS ONE , TO REMEMBER OUR LOST ANGELS AND AS A NATION TO TRY TO KEEP THE HEAVENS EMPTY OF OUR CHILDREN.



R.I.P Ben Kinsella and all the lost angels

john lambert


4 Comments Add yours

  1. roy cooper says:

    In this video ‘Murrayman’ rages against the culture of ‘knife crime’ that has hit our strest.

    really should be shown to all teens…

  2. Kendall Gregory says:

    Dear sir/madam

    I am writing to you to let you know that I am interested in what you are doing.
    Last year on the 19th September a close friend (Darren Pyper, 14 years old) died in a knife crime incodent.
    To raise awareness of the aftermath of knife crime a group of Darren’s family and friends are raising money and hoping on the 20th September 2008 holding a prosecion from his bench (Ashton Road, Gourock, Scotland) to the Battery Park then having entertainment through out the day.
    On that day we are hoping to show people how easy knife crime can come about and how it affects everyone and how we’v all found it hard to cope with.
    When I heard you were doing a knife awareness campaign I was wondering if you would be willing to contact me with further information of what you are doing and if you would be willing to help our campaign too.

    Thank You

  3. Roy Cooper says:

    previous message youtube link incorrect…
    In this video ‘Murrayman’ rages against the culture of ‘knife crime’ that has hit our strest.

    really should be shown to all teens…


  4. Roy Cooper says:

    Would Kendall Gregory who posted please contact me for some offer of help on
    anti knife march.


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