More Police on London’s tube network


[from The London daily news]

More Police on London’s tube network

The Mayor of London has launched a new initiative to fight crime on London’s Underground with more officers actively engaged.  In the launch at Finsbury Park station this morning, Chief Constable Ian Johnston said:

“The teams will work closely with LU and DLR staff to tackle staff assaults and anti-social behaviour and I encourage people to approach officers and raise any concerns they have about safety or criminality on the Tube.”

Police officers will be out on patrol on Tube stations and trains more than ever before following the launch of new British Transport Police (BTP) Neighbourhood Policing Teams (NPTs). Led by a Sergeant, the teams comprise police constables and police community support officers (PCSOs) and will be supported by a 24 hour response team across the entire LU and DLR network.

The teams have been created to cut crime and provide a highly visible presence at Tube stations and will work in partnership with other BTP teams, London Underground and DLR staff and the Metropolitan Police Service to address crime issues affecting the Tube.

BTP has 30 Neighbourhood Policing Teams, comprised of officers from BTP’s existing establishment, now operating right across the London network which will link closely with their communities to address local priorities. Under the national Neighbourhood Policing model, the teams will spend a minimum of 85% of their time doing work that directly impacts their neighbourhood, allowing them to be on proactive patrol more than ever before.

“The teams will be working with members of their local community to identify local problems, as well as working to develop targeted solutions to tackling crime and the type of behaviour that may not be criminal but which makes people feel unsafe.

The officers and PCSOs on the teams will conduct regular patrols, run targeted operations and hold public meetings with people the area to identify local needs and priorities.

Mayor of London, Boris Johnson said,

“Today’s announcement of 30 dedicated policing teams will make the tube a safer environment for passengers and staff.

‘It is vital that Londoners can travel safely around the city, reassured by a visible police presence.

‘These new policing teams for the tube will work alongside the additional 440 uniformed officers for the bus network which I announced in May to tackle the number one issue for Londoners, crime and safety.”

Howard Collins, Chief Operating Officer of London Underground said:

“London Underground is a low crime environment but we know there is always more work to be done, and these new Neighbourhood Policing Teams will mean that officers can better get to know their local communities and the issues that are key in their area.

“These officers will continue to work in partnership with the MPS Safer Transport Teams and Transport Operational Command Unit so that whatever mode of transport Londoners choose, a team of dedicated officers will be there to reassure them and tackle crime.

“The teams are now up and running and our staff look forward to getting to know them over the coming months and working with them in the future.”


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