Haringey Safer Neighbourhoods Team Level Web Pages


[from Haringey Met Police web site]


Safer Neighbourhoods Team Level Web Pages

This week, 4th August 2008, sees the launch of a pilot project, which sees each Safer Neighbourhoods Team in Haringey having their own web page.

The project aims to enhance the current information provided on the Safer Neighbourhoods website by providing ward level information for each of the 19 Safer Neighbourhoods teams in Haringey.  Each Safer Neighbourhoods team has their own web page that can be accessed using a direct web address, through the borough site or by using the postcode search facility on the Safer Neighbourhoods home page.

The project will run as a pilot on Haringey borough for four weeks, starting on 4th August 2008.  The content of these pages is based on research by the MPS into what information people want to know about their local police.

Each page will contain individual team information including

  • Team photos
  • Team member names
  • Team address, phone numbers and email
  • Local events where the team can be met
  • Local priorities identified by the community
  • Information about the work of the team to tackle local community concerns
  • Ward map

Haringey Safer Neighbourhoods Chief Inspector, Jon Williams said:

“Local team web pages will be an additional form of communication and engagement used by the teams and will enhance existing methods such as street briefings and team newsletters.”

Following the pilot, feedback will be used to make any necessary changes before the project is rolled out across all boroughs using a phased approach

View Haringey Borough’s 19 Safer Neighbourhoods team web pages


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