Fast food ad removal plea

[from Tottenham, Wood Green and Edmonton Journal]

Fast food ad removal plea
22 October 2008

CAMPAIGNERS have called for the removal of a fast food advert on a railway bridge. An online survey completed by 268 residents found that more than 80 per cent wanted a McDonald’s advert on Harringay Green Lanes railway bridge to go.

Hugh Flouch, founder of community website Harringay Online which hosted the poll – dubbed the “McHarringay Bridge survey” – wrote to McDonald’s UK to demand the sign’s removal.

He said: “The visual pollution of advertising on our high street is something I’m against. Mums are clear they’re not happy with it being McDonald’s. They feel they don’t want their children exposed to advertising for McDonald’s any more than they have to be.”

Haringey Council, responsible for overseeing advertising on the bridge, said: “We are aware of people’s concerns about the promotion of fast food and are currently reviewing our advertising policy in light of this.

“We have now asked the company which sells this type of advertising not to sell any more to fast food outlets until we have our new policy in place.”

A McDonald’s spokesman said: “McDonald’s strongly rejects any claims that we market so-called ‘junk food’. McDonald’s is a responsible advertiser. We adhere to all current codes of practice and have our own equally stringent principles for marketing, which in many cases exceed current regulations and guidelines.


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