Six in 10 kids facing poverty

[from Islington Gazette]

Six in 10 kids facing poverty
22 October 2008

SIX out of every 10 Islington children is living in or on the brink of poverty – and not a single ward escapes destitution, according to new figures.

Statistics released by “4 in 10: The End Child Poverty London Project” reveal that in 12 of the borough’s 16 wards more than 6 per cent of youngsters are severely deprived.

Finsbury Park tops the grim league table, with 1,970 children living in struggling families.

Project co-ordinator Liz Thorne said “Specific problems that Islington faces include the effects of a poor natural environment, high crime rates, and poor quality housing. Fantastic initiatives have been started to help overcome these problems but these frequently take place in isolated pockets.

“The 4 in 10 network, through raising awareness and pooling the wealth of expertise evident in voluntary and community organisations throughout Islington, will tackle both these specific challenges and the wider injustices the capital faces.


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