Blackstock Road ‘Making Safer Places’ Meeting 11th November 08

Blackstock Road ‘Making Safer Places’ Meeting

11th November 2008, 6pm – 7.30pm

FinFuture is working in partnership with The Women’s Design Service in order to build on the valuable work which has taken place in relation to improving community safety in the Blackstock Road area. We want to broaden that partnership to involve local women and invite you to discuss the various ways in which you can be involved.
You may recall that FinFuture was instrumental in being involved in the survey of the area in 2007 and the subsequent initiatives which followed; we now wish to follow up on that work with an initiative called Making Safer Places.
Making Safer Places (MSP) is one of the projects run by the Women’s Design Service which aims to review urban environments with a view to making recommendations in order to improve the way women feel about their safety and to go about their everyday lives without fear or concern. MSP aims to improve community safety with women in urban environments, to involve women in achieving this as active participants in the change process and to enable a connection between women and policy-makers, so that policy is informed by community experience.
Making Safer Places is a structured programme which supports participants and gives them the opportunity to work with other local women to highlight community safety concerns and any community safety ‘hotspots’. It also allows women to find out where to go for help with improving community safety and to present their ideas for improving community safety where appropriate.
We are currently developing an MSP project called “promoting good relations” and especially want to encourage refugee women in Islington to participate. We have resources for childcare support, travel and to translate for women who speak other languages especially Turkish, Arabic, Somalian and Spanish.
Our meeting will be held on Tuesday 11th November 2008 at FinFuture offices. 225-229 Seven Sisters Road from 6pm – 7.30pm and we extend a warm welcome to all women who have concerns about community safety and hope to see you there.

Despina Johnson
Chief Executive


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