‘It’s not festive enough by half’

[from Hornsey & Couch End Journal]

‘It’s not festive enough by half’

19 November 2008

FESTIVE lights will grace a shopping strip once again, but critics say they only cover half the area they should do.

Stroud Green Road will have its Christmas lights switched on in December, but they will stretch only from Finsbury Park station to the junction with Tollington Park, ignoring the second half of shops towards Stapleton Hall Road.

For the first time Haringey Council has donated £2,500 to the £20,000 scheme for lights in five roads in the Finsbury Park area, the rest of which are in Islington.

The other cash comes from Islington Council and the London Development Agency. It will be only the second year the road has been decorated with lights.

Writing in his online blog, Councillor Richard Wilson (Liberal Democrat, Stroud Green) said: “The lights will only go half way up the road. This is a shame as a number of people contacted me last year saying it would look better if they went the length of the road. However, with Stroud Green Road often getting ignored by Haringey, I am pleased that everyone is working together.”

The scheme is overseen by partnership organisation FinFuture. Despina Johnson, its chief executive, said: “The budget only goes so far. I am interested if someone wants to contribute to the scheme.”

Ms Johnson offered hope for Christmas 2009, saying FinFuture “will be looking at a partnership between Haringey, Islington and the traders”. A Haringey Council spokes-woman said it was up to FinFuture to decide where it placed the lights.


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