North London, England

[from Muso’s Guide]

Looking for something to do? Happen to be in England’s great capital? Well, in that case, head north of the river, ladies and gentlemen, to discover more than you could have ever bargained for. Whether you fancy a quiet nibble on some top quality nosh, a good old knees up watching your new favourite unsigned band or the perfect excuse to spend your hard-earned cash on the high street, North London just can’t fail.


If all of this harking back to a by-gone era business is making you feel a little dizzy, head up to Harringay, Green Lanes to discover an entirely different experience all together. Often known as “Little Istanbul” for its predominantly Turkish community and culture, this part of town can’t be overlooked. For delicious fresh bread, cream cakes, lahmacun (Turkish “pizza”), baklava (at a very good price) and other groceries, including an outstanding array of olives, look for Yasar Halim on the main road. This supermarket is world-renowned; a gem surrounded by some superb restaurants, all of which providing great food at affordable prices.

More here.


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