London bike park ‘one of the safest in world’

[from This is London]

London bike park ‘one of the safest in world’

Mark Prigg

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A LONDON bicycle park has been selected as one of the world’s best examples of cycle safety.

The £675,000 site in Stroud Green Road, Finsbury Park, has space for 130 bikes. It has 24 hour CCTV, automated locking cycle racks, and a smartcard entry system for riders, who pay 50p per day for the service.

Lloyd’s of London was also singled out at the same exhibition for its staff bike parking facilities, which feature a hi-tech swipe card entry system.

The bike safety show at New London Architecture, in central London, showcases the latest breakthroughs in security. The designs, such as a “folding handlebar” that can be locked to stop the bike being turned, are concepts designed by students.

It comes as Transport for London figures show cycling increasing and theft decreasing for the first time this decade.

The event is part of the Bikeoff initiative run by Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, and backed by TfL and the Met. Rose Ades, head of the TfL Cycle Centre of Excellence, said: “There is still a long way to go, but Bikeoff is making a difference.”


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