Cash cuts threat to abuse help

[from Islington Gazette]

Cash cuts threat to abuse help
24 December 2008

A VALUABLE service for women abused in their own homes could be under threat after funding cuts.

More than 65 deprived women go to the Maya Centre’s Insight into Violence programme – for help on how best to survive domestic violence.

But in September, the Safer Islington Partnership cut the £32,500-a-year funding that the free women’s counselling centre had received since 2006.

This means that the centre in Fonthill Road, Finsbury Park, will have to dip into its savings to fund the service – and will end the year with a huge financial deficit.

Emma Craig, director of the Maya Centre, which caters for women who earn less than £8,000 a year, said: “It was a shock to have the funding removed.

“If we don’t secure funding there’s a possibility we will have to close down that service. More than 250 women use the centre each year. I don’t think free counselling on this level exists anywhere else.”

Although the centre has approached a number of organisations for money, it has struggled given the current economic climate. Ms Craig said: “We’re only small and people have less money to hand out.”

Terry Stacy, executive councillor for housing and community safety, said: “The amount of money the council receives from the government to fund this kind of work has been slashed so there’s simply less to go round.

“We have given the Maya Centre several months notice of the funding decision and have advised them on their options regarding alternative funding. I really hope they can find the money to keep their service going.


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