Graffiti vandal’s internet boasts

[from Islington Gazette]

Graffiti vandal’s internet boasts
24 December 2008

A GRAFFITI artist believed to be part of a gang of vandals has posted pictures of himself spraying scores of his distinctive “tags” on the internet.

The Islington-based vandal has been caught bragging and posting photos of illegally defacing property across the north of the borough on internet sites including MySpace, Facebook and Bebo.

The graffiti artist also operates in Leeds, where he is believed to have student links.

An Archway resident said: “They’ve done hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of damage.”

Among the sites pictured being vandalised by “Lone PBK” are Archway Bridge and shops in nearby Junction Road, underneath the railway bridge in Stroud Green Road, Finsbury Park, Upper Holloway railway station and several unidentified buildings in Holloway.

Councillor Greg Foxsmith, Islington’s environment chief, said the council’s graffiti team was closing in on the vandal.

“We take a tough stance on this type of graffiti because it blights our local area,” said Councillor Foxsmith.

“We’re aware of this latest spate of vandalism and it won’t be tolerated. We’re working closely with the police to catch the culprit.

“Our experts are using the latest technology to battle the problem, including taking swabs of the paint itself which can be used as evidence.”

A spokeswoman for Islington police said: “We are aware of some graffiti matching this description in Islington and are liaising with Islington Council to establish the full extent of the problem and to identify the suspect or suspects. Anyone caught doing this will be arrested and put through the criminal justice system.


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  1. ds says:

    does anyone remember the borough (and further afield) being covered with the graffiti tag ‘SUB’ which was often sprayed in 4 foot high letters. They were a complete eyesore. As a ‘respect’ sig’ to others he would often include ‘SUB Moody’ (a tagger from south London who was killed whilst tagging tube trains) and ‘SUB Walsh’ (another tagger currently in trouble with the law).

    I had a feeling the person was a local. I was right, he lives very close to me here in Holloway. His parents are elderly and really very nice people. I don’t think they are fully aware about what he has been doing. They think he’s been a bit naughty and painted some windows over….. which he has did little to clarify.

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