Thames Water to begin water mains work in Finsbury Park

Engineers will be undertaking work later this month to replace 5.5 miles of old Victorian water mains in north London, Thames Water has confirmed.

Flexible plastic pipes will be installed in place of the existing cast-iron ones – some of which are 150 years old.

The scheme, which will take place within the boundary of Seven Sisters Road, Green Lanes, Riverside Road and Wilberforce Road, will begin on February 16th and is expected to take one year to complete.

Commenting on the project, Thames Water project manager Jaymin Patel said: “As well as reducing leakage by fitting new pipes, we’re redesigning the mains’ layout, making it more efficient by reducing the total length of pipework from 5.5 miles (8.85km) to 3.85 miles (6.2km).”

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06 February 2009

Motorists face a year’s disruption as engineers descend upon Finsbury Park to replace ageing and leaking Victorian water pipes.

Thames Water will spend the next 12 month replacing the cast iron pipes with tougher plastic ones within the boundary of Seven Sisters Road, Green Lanes and Wilberforce Road.

The water company hopes to make the network more efficient by reducing leakage from the crumbling pipe system.

During the recent cold snap, Thames Water has seen almost three times the number of burst pipes.

The £2.5million scheme, which starts on Monday, will replace more than 5.5miles of worn-out piping.


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