Shoppers urged to ditch plastic bags

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Shoppers urged to ditch plastic bags
06 February 2009

A COMMUNITY group is hoping to rid its area of plastic bags, replacing them with new sustainable canvas bags.

They are hoping to introduce the new environmentally friendly bags to the Harringay area in the coming months and have released several initial designs.

Millions of plastic bags are used every day across the UK having a large environmental impact.

Steve Burdekin, the bags’ designer, said: “The Green Lanes are great for shopping, but, there are too many of these damn blue plastic bags everywhere. We want to get rid of these bags, but also get across the message to shop in Harringay. We don’t want them to be flimsy. We want them large and durable.”

Area-specific sustainable bags are not without precedent in the Haringey Borough with a similar idea for the Crouch End Bag for Life being introduced in December 2007.

Clare Richmond, Organiser of the Crouch End Projects, said: “They’ve been very successful. The first 5,000 sold out within a month. They’ve made a massive difference in Crouch End. It’s certainly noticeable how many people are choosing not to use plastic bags.”

Mr Burdekin and his colleagues on the Harringay Online Sustainability Group hope to build relations with local traders and community groups so that the shops in the area will be able to offer the sustainable bags as alternatives to the plastic bags.

Shafik Mehmet, Chairman of the Green Lanes Trader’s Association, believes the scheme would be positive for the community. He said: “I would definitely support it. I haven’t yet seen the plans though, but I would definitely support it.


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